Southern Cross Austereo Digital can help you navigate through the ever-changing digital landscape.

From providing your business with training on how to use Social Media, the importance of data gathering and building a new website all the way to crafting an omni-channel digital marketing campaign from the ground up we have the knowledge and experience to integrate your digital strategies with your current TV and/or Radio campaign.

Southern Cross Austereo Digital is there for you.



Maveric Builders needed a new start-up website that showcases the quality that they represent in building. We created an intuitive visually driven web page that could be easily navigated by their potential customers.



At the same time we created their new TV ad, allowing us to ensure consistent branding of the Maveric Builders brand across multiple channels and integration of both media channels together.

Central Hotel asked us to create a start-up website that connects with their EAT, DRINK, STAY keywords. Central Hotel also wanted a website that would allow them to post events quickly, share to social channels and capture analytics of visitors. 



We created a responsive website that  can capture leads, integrates with multiple social channels and showcases their EAT, DRINK, STAY philosophy.

AMC Earthmoving contacted us to create a one-pager website that would allow them to showcase their services and to help capture leads and customer data. 



The website consists of 4 parts that showcases all the necessary information and aligns with the aesthetics of AMC Earthmoving's work. 

Total Prefab came to us for a start-up website that would look clean, work on all devices and allowed for a quoting system to be integrated. 



Their new website was created to be consistent in branding style with their TV advertising campaign and offers a wide range of information and guides. 

Southern Air needed a fresh start-up website and a digital newsletter system that can automatically send out reminders to clients to have their product serviced. 



We created a visual site with plenty of information for customers in the form of how-to videos and visuals, whilst maintaining an easy to navigate website that is still flexible enough to tailor to future campaigns and landing pages. 

Skin & Tonic wanted a small business website that would seamlessly integrate with their social channels, allow them to post blog articles and connect with their branding guidelines.



We created a clean looking website that did all of that and more by utilising great visuals that showcases their location, products and services.

Centrepoint Shopping Centre asked us to create a small business website that could host lots of information for customers, have an index of all their stores and look great on all devices.



Their new website allows for all that and more whilst integrating with social media and a digital newsletter that all have a consistent branding style.

Euphoria Furniture needed a small business website that allowed them to showcase their vast range of products. 



We created a website that would allow for the seamless integration of third party information and maintaining the look and feel of Euphoria Furniture.

Mornington Park Waste Transfer Station needed a start-up website that could inform customers on what waste is allowed in a quick and visual manner.



We utilised the power of icons and colour to convey this information whilst giving visitors a clear overview of the different services they offer.

Endless Waves Hairdressing needed an one-pager website that could be used to showcase their services and products.



We created a website that is in line with their house colours, integrates with their social channels and allows for customers to get their booking in.